04 February 2014

mademoiselle populaire (2012)

it's been a while this film went out, but nevertheless it is worth a post especially regarding the music they chose!
rose, a charming girl from the countryside decides to apply for a job as a secretary, the most fashionable job these days. her problem: she doesn't have any of the qualities required for the job, except her ability to type very fast with only two fingers. finally she leaves her little town... not to be a secretary, but to win a speed typewriting competition!

04 December 2013

good-bye cold!

it is christmas time everywhere, therefore we can't tell ourselves anymore that winter might not come this year, that it might not be freezing cold when we wake up in the morning... don't worry, i'm not here to express my winter blues, but to send you right back to the summer time again!
this song by elend øye was already released in august, when it fitted perfectly to the season. listenting to it now will make you feel warm and cozy so that you can forget the chistmas present list and the cold temperatures and head back to summer for 4min.
(next time, i will honor the christmas time, i promise!)

06 March 2013

session 1: benjamin biolay

i finally managed to launch a new radio session today, after this long break of nearly three years.
benjamin biolay played his first concert in vienna on the 2nd of march and this inspired me for the topic of my show. enjoy a bit more than an our of sayuri wonders about... benjamin biolay.
to listen to it, click here!

the tracklisting
01. keren ann - décrocher les étoiles
02. henri salvador - jardin d'hiver
03. benjamin biolay - les roses et les promesses
04. benjamin biolay - rose kennedy
05. benjamin biolay - chère inconnue
06. benjamin biolay - cours!
07. benjamin biolay - dans la merco benz
08. benjamin biolay - regarder la lumière
09. benjamin biolay - la superbe
10. benjamin biolay - tu es mon amour
11. benjamin biolay - 15 septembre
12. benjamin biolay - confettis (feat. julia stone)
13. benjamin biolay - belle époque (feat. oxmo puccino)
14. vincent delerm - les cerfs-volants (live avec benjamin biolay)

23 February 2013

edmond était un âne (franck dion)

i found this short film by franck dion on arte. i love the aestethics!
here is how arte discribes it:

"edmond est un "petit" employé qui travaille au service des archives d'une grande société. personnage sans histoire, il mène une vie presque normale jusqu'au jour où ses collègues lui font une plaisanterie en le coiffant d'un bonnet d'âne. edmond découvre alors sa véritable nature..."

for the not french speaking a very quick translation of the plot:

edmond, a "small" employee who works as an archivist of a big association. without a history, he tries to live an almost normal life until the day when his co-workers play a joke on him by putting a paper hat in the shape of a donkey on his head. this is the day when edmond explores his real nature...